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How to choose dishwasher faucet for kitchen
Washers have the highest frequency of use in household appliances, so it needs to meet the criteria such as persistence, having the necessary functions, convenience, maintaining good looks, and easy to repair, replacing so. Here is how to choose the kitchen sink.
Various types of dishwashing hoses

When choosing a dishwasher, users need to determine the demand and the cost to invest in the device. If you do not want to pay more in the range of 200 - 500,000 VND for a tap, you can choose a cold wash hose, if you want a hot water tap, you can choose hot and cold water faucet, there are two types of Integrating both cold and hot water pipelines to blend manually or automatically. More expensive hot water faucet types have their own setting so homeowners can limit the hot water level, provide a reasonable amount of hot water, avoid hand burns due to overheating and protect children you

Common types of dishwashing hoses: Cold dishwashing faucets, Wall-mounted hot and cold washers, Sink-mounted hot and cold faucets, Seamless castings, High-altitude change hoses, Double washbasins, booster hoses …

These include the suppliers of sanitary equipment and faucets who are interested in such as Toto, Inax, Caesar, Viglacera, Kangaroo, Eco, Deashin, … and some suppliers of household appliances and faucets Other high-end imports such as Fagor, Malloca, Teka, Bosch, Faber …
Various tap materials

Currently there are many types of faucets designed for kitchens with many different materials such as stainless steel, copper, nickel, chrome, ceramic … Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate faucet with sink and pulse space. around the kitchen to create the harmony and usefulness needed.
Flexible rotation ability

The shower can be rotated very necessary for the sink. The long shower with flexible hose to control the height or change the position of the hose to the far away is very convenient for kitchen jobs. The fixed faucets are only suitable for small sinks. The faucets that can rotate 90 °, 180 ° or even 360 ° are suitable for large sinks.

Determine the height of the hose

Kitchen washers have a wide variety of design sizes depending on the needs of use, the types of castings are often more durable and have luxurious beauty, but do not change the height.

If you regularly use a hose to wash large items or higher than ordinary items like vases, bottles, etc., you definitely need a hose high enough or can be replaced. Flexible height change.
Is it equipped with a filter?

In order to save, it is possible to add a filter to the regulating nozzle to reduce about 50% of water consumption. When strong water is needed, remove the filter, the water will return as quickly as normal. Not only that, high-quality water filters have 3, 4 filter levels, but also can remove harmful substances, chlorine, heavy metals in the water.

Note when using

Do not pour tea residue, wash water tank, use acidic chemicals in the process of using pots, washers because they will affect the surface of the . If found in the system, there are many kinks and zigzag lines. poor, in fact, to avoid the odor from the gas mouth. When used, you may worry about a blockage of the pot, in this case it is often necessary to remove the garbage cup to empty it, clean it and check it.

For washing hoses, there are very few problems. But the important thing here is that it should be noted that the washbasin is only rotated from left to right and vice versa in the permitted aperture, not rotating, breaking the hose up or pressing down will cause the hose to break the spindle and leak. ooze.

During use, if the water is weak, check the water supply system of the tap on the bottom of the basin to see if it is folded, check the water supply and the valve system. In addition, it is possible to remove the sieve at the test nozzle and clean if the sludge filter is also causing this phenomenon.


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