2D fitting using TGraph2DErrors


I am using TGraph2DErrors. And after performing 2D fitting with a lego2 as a draw option. I wondered if one can plot something like the relative difference between data and fit (so (data - fit)/fit) for the 2D point? Or maybe root provides already something useful?. As I find it rather hard to really judge it from the 2D plots.

Thank you in advance!

_ROOT Version:6.08.00

There is no “ready to use” such tool (drawing option). You will need to make a new TGraph2D or TH2D made with the result of this difference.

…and that’s indeed a recurrent request, something we should address on the ROOT side, be it within the upcoming RHist interfaces. @moneta is there an obvious TH2 alternative that you’re aware of? Residuals from TFitResult maybe?

We have the TRatioPlot but works for only 1D object. We could extend for the 2D case.

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