1mm cell/grid in 3D for energy deposition

Dear Experts

I need to make a 3D grid distribution with
size of 1mm cell/grid. At the moment What I have is a 3D histogram
whose screenshot is attached here.

What I am not sure what the 1mm size grid means. Is it from the
binning of historgam, The size of the detector is 10cm both in x and
y. What I think is the Grid is same as what we see? or Is it
different? In the center of the plot you will see Yellow box which
means the energy deposition in the center of the detector, Can You
Please suggest

if this what you see in the Screen shot is 1mm grid with energy deposition? My Histogram definition is:

auto hist3 = new TH3F("X:Y:Z", "Average Energy Deposition (GeV)", 100, -50, 50, 100, -50, 50, 10, -665000, -660000);

Many Thanks

best regards

Yes you see the bins of the 3D histogram.See details here: ROOT: THistPainter Class Reference

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