1D Polar Plots

Dear ROOTers,

how can I draw a TH1D with 1D polar coordinates like in the image attached?


just gives me an empty(!) cartesian coordinate system.



Polar plots are now implemented only for lego and surfaces. It is in our plans to implement them for 1d histograms too. Which package produced the plot you sent ? have you some more examples ?


well, this feature is important for me. I will have to generate many of those plots from a ROOT-based analysis.
The example I sent was made with Origin (the ugly manual export / import way). There is a free rewrite for Linux called SciGraphica (http://scigraphica.sourceforge.net). They show a very fancy example under http://scigraphica.sourceforge.net/images/polar.jpg. And I found a whole bunch of examples created with gnuplot (http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo/poldat.html; http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo/polar.html).



I did an example producing some simple polar graph. See:

Thank you very much!
I built a little class around your code sample.
TPolarGraph.C (3.52 KB)