1D Histo: draw error bars for data points outside Y range

Hi, is there for 1D-histogram a way to get an effect like option 0 for TGraphErrors::Draw?
That is, I need to draw error bars (as rectangles) for data points outside the visible range along the Y axis.

Can you post a small running macro ?

All the drawing options for histogram drawing are listed here:

Here are two small macros that differ in just on one line, the vertical axis range:
Point_seen.C (1.73 KB) It displays the point at (33.6,-30.4)
Point_not_seen.C (1.73 KB) It does not display it, as now it is out of the y range.
But I would still like to see the error bar (indicating agreement with zero).

I cannot find an option that allows me to do this.

In Point_not_Seen.C if I do


I see the missing error bar.

Going back to my first question, it would be useful to have an equivalent option for histograms.
Take a look at the simple macro point_not_seen.C (676 Bytes) The lower close-up plot has a lot of missing points even though the error bars are within range.

the following will show you the errors outside range:

   TH2F *frame2 = new TH2F("frame2","",2,0,10,2,47,53);
   h1->Draw("same e0");