Zsh and thisroot.sh script

Hi everyone,

I’m still finding the same trouble as here:


working with the zsh 5.0.8 (x86_64-apple-darwin15.0) shell and root_v6.06.00 (but also with v6.04.10), despite of the changes made in thisroot.sh. The error message is the same:

Am I forgetting something?

Yes, problem solved

How did you solve this problem? I’m still having it in root 6.06/08…

Can’t remember exactly, it was a very stupid mistake, maybe a typo in the lines I was adding to the script…

Have you modified the script in some way? Are you sure you’re calling it as ‘source bin/thisroot.sh’ inside $ROOTSYS? In principle the patch I was referring to in my first post has been integrated in recent versions of ROOT…