"Zombie" Root files

hi -
I’ve been having a problem lately where all my root files have been coming back unclosed. If I try to open them with root, I recieve an error :

Warning in TFile::Init: file g4fluka_le010z185i_leak_v1_0001.root probably not closed, trying to recover
Warning in TFile::Init: no keys recovered, file has been made a Zombie

While I have been messing with certain aspects of my program, None of them are related to filling the ntuple.
Because I’m in a big rush, I decided to just use a CVS version, which should be guaranteed to work. It doesnt.

The MC runs for hours, and the output file indicate no problems (except for abrupty ending)

I’m just not sure what to look for, or what could be causing this.

Thanks for any help…


From your brief description, I conclude that
-you never wrote something to teh file
-you never closed the file