ZEBRA files

Hi, sorry if the question is too generic but is there a class or known way to read in ZEBRA data structures from a file to a tree or something similar to the functionality of DZSHOW?

You can see an example of reading Zebra/RZ files in h2root.cxx in the SVN repository.
Reading FZ files has never been done, except when calling Zebra directly from C++.

Concerning the equivalent of dzshow, we have been working on something similar (yet not finished).
see: root.cern.ch/root/html/TStructViewer.html


ok, thanks I will have a look. On your point on reading FZ files, essentially you mean calling eg FZIN in fortran source and then passing the parameters to C++ source (common->structure) linking the two object files together (ie mixing code) or something simpler?

yes, see examples in the source of h2root.cxx to see how we do it with rzin