Xrootd standard proof installation questions/website issues

Hello All,

I am currently using root v6.06/06 on OSX 10.11.6 installed using macports with the xrootd variant enabled. I’ve added the setxrd.sh and thisroot.sh to my .profile(.bashrc, .bashprofile) and am trying to enable a traditional proof installation on the local machine. Proof-lite works just fine but trying to start a proof session using the “localhost” crashes even after trying to load the xpd.cf configuration file. I’m guessing there’s a problem with my xpd config file and it would be convenient to have the xpd-quick.cf file that should be dowloadable from the root website from the following link:

root.cern.ch/standard-proof-ins … top-laptop

But I run into a 404 not found error. If anyone has any suggestions on where my problem might be, I would greatly appreciate a jumpstart in the right direction.

Thank you,
xpd.txt (10.9 KB)

Dear bpnuke,

Could you please specify at which tier the crash was (client, server)?
Do you have a log of the crash?

Out of curiosity, is there any special reason why you would like to run standrad PROOF on this Mac machine?
Do you plan to make a cluster of macs ?

G Ganis