Xrootd problem

Hi experts,
I met one problem:
I copied some files to xrootd system and try to run my code using the files there. However, every time I have some “corrupted” files: I will get a error of “std::bad_alloc” when I try to get entry.
When I tried to copy that file back to a local disk, I found that the file is really problematic(before is OK).
So I think there must be something wrong with our xrootd system, since it’s pretty old version: maybe several years ago.
Could you please help me to judge what’s the problem is or give me some clue?
Thanks in advance

Dear hsji,

The first thing you have to find out exactly which versions you are running on the client (your local ROOT version) and server (your xrootd system).
Then you can switch on the calculation of checksums during transfers (-md5 or -adler in xrdcp) and see if they match the local file.
Anyhow, this seems a problem with the xrootd system itself. You would get more help/hints by addressing your request to xrootd mailing list at savannah.cern.ch/projects/xrootd/ .

G. Ganis