XML tutorial example

Hello ROOTers

I am trying to run the example at $ROOTSYS/tutorials/xml/DOMParsePerson.C

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // ROOT implementation of a XML DOM Parser // // This is an example of how Dom Parser works. It will parse the xml file // (person.xml) to the Person object. // A DTD validation will be run on this example. // // To run this program // .x DOMParsePerson.C // // Requires: person.xml and person.dtd // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

However I get an error of missing TDOMParser.h header file. I did a quick search on the $ROOTSYS folder and I was unable to find such file. Any ideas?

I’m using ROOT 5.22/00


I do not see any problem with this script in version 5.22.
Did you install from source yourself? if not which binary are you running?
on which system?
we need more details.