Xdb - a command line interface to the Xcode debugger

I’ve implemented an xdb script that creates an on-the-fly an xcodeproj setup to debug the executable specified on the command line. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick for me. Use it like:

xdb […]

the script makes an xcodeproj starting from an xcodeproj template in which it sets the executable, the current path, the arguments and a number of environment variables. The attached tar file contains the xdb script and the template xcodeproj. Modify in the xdb script the path to the template xcodeproj. Hope you like it. If you’ve mods let me know.

Cheers, Fons.
xdb.tgz (8.23 KB)

Hi Fons,

2 of the files also needed to be renamed to take into account the actual username. I attached an updated script and sample project.

xdb.tgz (8.32 KB)

Great, thanks.

– Fons

I’ve updated this xdb script to now work for Xcode 4. Try it an let me know.

Cheers, Fons.
xdb4.tgz (9.71 KB)