XCode integration

I would like to put together an app using Cocoa under Snow Leopard and have decided to try to use XCode. One of the first things that I want to do is get the program to compile and link against the root install that I have. I used the binary install technique and placed the ROOTSYS at /usr/local/root. I just do not know how to teach XCode about root the correct way.

Now, I did manage to bang something together by editing the build and configure informations, but I thought there was an easier way.

On a related note. Getting the code completing to work… How do you get XCode to scan a set of header files so that it will provide code completion? I did it also in a haphazard way by creating an include that included all the other headers, and then added that to my project without adding it to a source file. That worked but it also seems like a hack. So I guess I am asking about some tips on getting XCode into a friendly mode to work with root.

Thanks for any help.


It should work by dragging the ROOT headers as reference in the Xcode project. Check the Xcode manual.

Cheers, Fons.