XCode and ROOT on Mac OS X 10.4

Has anyone ever tried to use the XCode IDE for development of ROOT based programs. If so do you have a sample XCode based project.

I am trying to avoid having to build my own Makefiles. I would prefer if the IDE would perform this task. I’d create a sample project that I would reuse on a regular basis.

I don’t have an Xcode project. If somebody has one it would be nice.

I know that it will be easier with Xcode 3 to make projects based on configure;make. Xcode 3 comes with Leopard.

Cheers, Fons.

hello Did you find the xocde project? I also want one, if you have, I hope you can send me a copy (625225273@qq.com), appreciate it

Please open a new topic instead of reviving a 12 year old one.