X64 (windows) build configuration

Hi rooters,

I’ve been investigating the feasibility of doing an x64 build of root for windows. So far I haven’t had much progress by simply adding -MACHINE:X64 to the various linker flags. I’m wondering if anyone else has actually done this, or if there is any advice the community may have to share.



Hi Brandon,

It is quite a big job to achieve this…

  • All the #ifdef WIN32, #ifdef R__WIN32, #ifdef _WIN32 … need to be changed for something like #ifdef WINDOWS
  • all sub-packages (e.g. libAfterImage, pcre, …) have to be ported too
  • same for external dependencies (e.g. oracle, MySQL, …)
    But feel free to go on and please keep us in touch with this job and if you encounter any issues (and be sure you will) :wink:

Cheers, Bertrand.

You, probably, can start with ROOT + Qt version.
doc.trolltech.com/4.4/supported-platforms.html .
This way there should be no ( fewer :wink: ) WIN32 API invocation from ROOT code and one doesn’t need to rename the R__WIN32 . It will stand for “Windows”.

Of course, this is a theory in real life . . . .one has to anticipate the obstacle.

The script root.bnl.gov/QtRoot/INSTALL_QTROOT.sh shows how one can install the Qt and ROOT for the different platforms including Windows.( I did not try it with 64-bit platforms though :unamused: )

(I 'll try to get an access to some 64-bit Windows machine tol try myself, thank you for the idea).