X3d viewer and TGeoManager::DrawTracks

I am using ROOT v 3.10.02 on a Redhat 8.0 Linux x86 system, and
tracks drawn with TGeoManager::DrawTracks do not appear in the
x3d viewer, though they do show up in the canvas view. I take it
that this is something that has yet to be implemented?


Hi Gora,
Indeed this functionality works only inside the pad and it will not be soon implemented in x3d.

It’s been four years. Is there any hope that the DrawTracks functionality might be implement for the 3d viewiers (x3d, ogl)?

Right… Meanwhile, the support for event viewing in ROOT increased and this feature is supported at event display level (as it should). For a direct support of this at viewer level one needs an interface for defining and manipulating tracks within the viewer and its implementation, but seems we did not managed to find the time to do this among other priorities…