X11 not found under Suse 9.3

Hello. I know that there are several topics about X11 devel problems but I’m starting a new one because I couldn’t find a solution for my installation problems for some days now. I downloaded the source package and unpacked it in a new Folder called “root” in my personal folder. Now I start ./configure and get the X11 error (not found). I think I have installed X11 but because I’m really new to Linux I don’t know how to look it up seriously and which version I have installed. I’m running Suse Linux 9.3 with Kde and I’d like to know what I can do, and if there’s an rpm-file to download which would install the latest version of libX11.
I hope anyone can help me out.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Mathias,

you need the x11-devel package which provides the X11 headers and default shared libraries. On rpm based systems one can do rpm -q -a to obtain the list of packages to see if x11-devel is installed. I've no experience with Suse but I believe they use a package manager called Yast which you can use to see all packages and to install the missing package.

Cheers, Fons.

Thank you for replying so fast. I tried rpm -q -a and found some libx devels but the X11 one. So i downloaded some rpm files from the web concerning x11 devels. I installed them with Yast but it still didn’t work. Then I went to Yast again and found out that some xorg-x11 libs were not installed automatically when i had installed Linux on my system and I installed them. After this I could compile, which was really a great success because I almost gave up trying this.

Now i have another little question: How is it possible to start root from every directory, not only from /root/bin/ ?

Thank you for your help


Add that directory to the shell variable PATH.