X11 Forwarding in MacOS High Sierra

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I am using ROOT version 6.14/04 from a binary downloaded from the ROOT web site.
I am running ROOT on an iMac 12,2 using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.
I am using the Xcode compilers.
I have edited the ssd_config file to forward X11 and include the correct location for xauth.
ROOT works perfectly locally on this machine with X11.

When I attach to this machine remotely using
ssh -Y node
I get no error messages and I can use xclock and other X11 apps remotely as one would expect.
However, when I type root, the X11 window opens on the iMac rather than on the machine from which I am connecting.

Can anyone advise me on the solution to this problem?


Perhaps your ROOT uses Cocoa instead of X11 (XQuartz?).

I didn’t think so until I just typed root, and XQuartz did not start up.
@Axel Is the binary on the ROOT download site for MacOS High Sierra (10.13) compiled for Cocoa?
R. Runner

Yes, ROOT is built for Cocoa since many years, given that X is not supported natively on MacOS. You could build it yourself, or use remote desktop. We use the latter quite happily.

Well, that explains my problem.
Now the problem is trying to build a version that uses X11…

Just to finish this thread, I was able to compile ROOT 6.18 with X11 using MacPorts and I am now able to use ROOT remotely. Thanks to everyone on the Forum for the useful information and MacPorts for providing an excellent tool to compile ROOT.

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