X axis range in Date-timestamp( X axis) Graph?

Hi all,
I’m plotting some data using Tgraph
In Xaxis the Date-Timestamp is given. I need to perform the analysis only in a limited range of the plot. How can I set the X axis range in this case?
An example of the data used are:
00:00:00 06/04/19 25.152
00:00:01 06/04/19 25.162
00:00:02 06/04/19 25.141
00:00:03 06/04/19 25.137
00:00:04 06/04/19 25.129
00:00:05 06/04/19 25.165

Thanks in advance

In reality, the x-axis keeps some “double” (“unsigned int”) values. See TAxis::SetTimeFormat and try e.g.:

TDatime(2019,12,1,16,32,54).Convert() // Sun Dec  1 16:32:54 UTC 2019
TDatime().Convert(kTRUE) // "now" in UTC

See also the TDatime and the TTimeStamp classes references and:

thank you a lot for your reply, it works now.


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