Wrong MakeClass?

Dear ROOTers,
I have question about MakeClass functionality. How the type of variables is recognized?
I’m asking because I have some “strange file” - according to documentation should contain long long int (Long64_t) data, if I write this file with this assumption - all looks fine. However when I use MakeClass it shows that branch have ULong64_t type and data is not looking ok.
So my question is - is it rather bug in software that creates this file, or the MakeClass sometimes have problems with “guessing” the type of data.

So my question is: is it a bug in code that saves data, or bug with MakeClass?

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Try: your_tree->Print();

Ok, probably it works because for Long64_t gives “l” not “ul”, thank you.

Hi @dwielane ,
in case MakeClass produces wrong code, please open an issue at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub with a little recipe to reproduce the problem, it might be a bug we want to fix.

Please ignore this comment in case it turns out MakeClass is fine.


A lowercase letter “l” means a 64 bit unsigned integer (ULong64_t).
See: TTree → Add a column (“branch”) holding fundamental types and arrays thereof

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