Wrong line numbers

Why is it that when I try and run my code, the errors reported reference the wrong line numbers. This can be frustrating when the errors do not report any text from the line.

Illegal pointer operation (tovalue) FILE:asciiread.c LINE:309

If it’s related to my code, it’s attached.

Thank you.
asciiread.c (13.8 KB)

There is no way to look at your problem if you do not post the minimum set of files to run your script, in particular

#include “functions.c”

You should remove the statement
This statement should not be used in a named macro. See Users Guide.


Sorry about that. Here you go.

You’ll have to change the extension b0_nuovo_small.c to b0_nuovo_small.dat

And thanks again.

b0_nuovo_small.c (56.6 KB)
functions.c (573 Bytes)
asciiread.c (13.7 KB)

You have many C++ errors in your code. I have fixed most of them such that your script can be executed. See attachements.
You can use the ROOT ACLIC system to easily debug your scripts.
For example in your case, do
root > .L asciiread.C+
root > james()

When specifying the “+” the compiler is called instead of the interpreter
and you will get much better error messages.

I had to rename your file b0_nuovo_small.c to b0_nuovo_small.dat

james.tar.gz (3.18 KB)

Thank you very much!
I hope I can debug this the rest of the way.
Thanks again,