Wrong filename given to file created by TProofOutputFile

Hi all,

while lookin at how solwing my problem described in


I found out that the temporary filenames are given names like


Note the “//” in the beginning. This is a problem because TFile will read this as
"a_path/myfile.root". Now, if the tree I’m filling in my TSelector::Process grows larger
than 1.8Gb (which it does, and some of them should do, I create different trees that has a size that spans of severel orders of magnitude) the automatic file switching does not work… which is bad.

How to make TProofOutputFile understand I’ve got more than one file is another, later problem


Hi Joa,

This is using your example macros, right?
I will investigate.

I am not sure to understand what you mean here.
The idea is to use one TProofOutputFile per file that you want in output. Can you work in that way?