Writing canvases to file

I have some problems writing objects to files.
I produce several histograms, I fit them with a gaussian and then draw them in a single canvas divided in sub - canvases which is wriiten a file. During the execution of the macro everything is drawn ok, but when I open the file with TBrowser the fit functions are drawn very bad, they dont’t really look like gaussains!

Could you post your canvas.root file such that we can see what you mean?


You could look for instance at the canvases in the directory Cry 227. In order to understand what I mean, you should zoom the x axis: look at ther peak of the gaussian in the histogram titled “Energy beam = 20.1 GeV”. In the next histogram on the right, the gaussian looks like a triangle. But when I draw them during the execution of the macro this doesn’t happen.

grafici.root (97.6 KB)

I noticed another thing!
I also noticed that sometimes the statistics of the fit are not plotted. If you look at the canvas 3x3 the statistics doesn’t appear, while in the 5x5 it does, except for the last histogram. Again, when I draw during the execution of the macro, the parameters of the fit are shown.