Write only one fit of the histogram

Dear experts,

I did several fit on one histogram, then I want to write this histogram with only one of the fit in a root file[*]. If I just use h->Write(), it writes all the fits performed in the root file. Do you know how I can write only one fit? I did not see such option in the Write() function.
Or should I save the selected function fit, then draw on top of the histogram the selected fit, and Write() all that…

void fit(){

h->Fit(“gaus”, “”, “”, 0, 2);
h->Fit(“pol”, “”, “”, 0, 2);
h->Write(); // option to write the hist and only gaus fit !!

See the “N”, “0” and “+” options in the TH1::Fit method description.

Dear Coyote,

thank you for your answer, it helps.