Working to compile code using root library on windows 8


I have a small C++ program using histogram libraries of ROOT. This code was up to now compiled on MacOs using a dedicated makefile.

I’ve been asked to make it compiled as well on Windows 8-64 bit.

(I’ve tried to install microsoft visual 2008 and create a project using root builder. But after running the project, this doesn’t seem to work.)

Can you advised me what to do ?

Many Thanks


Hi Claire,

First of all, if you take the ROOT binary distribution, make sure you take a version which is compatible with your compiler, then compile it in 32 bit mode (64 bit is not yet supported by ROOT on Windows). And finally, you can create a solution (sln) directly from the Visual Studio environment, or, if you are not familiar with Visual Studio, create a nmake makefile, as for example the Makefile.win32 one in the $ROOTSYS/test directory. Let me know if you have any problem.

Cheers, Bertrand.