Working through ROOT primer

Hello, I’ve just finished installing ROOT. I think I’ve done it successfully… Anyway, I’m trying to work my way through the ROOT Primer, and I’m already running into problems with the .Draw function. I put in this:

TF1 f1("f1","sin(x)/x",0.,10.);

and the message I get is

Info in <TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas>: created default TCanvas with name c1

My understanding is that a pop-up window of this graph should’ve been created, but nothing happened. Am I missing something?

What ROOT version? Is it installed on Linux? Windows (directly or with Visual Studio, or with Linux and WSL1/WSL2?)? and running locally or remotely (which command did you use to connect and run…)?

Looks like version 6.22, installed on Windows using WSL. Unless I have a gross conceptual error about WSL, I’m running locally… I open my command prompt, run bash, and then root.

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One may solve your case.