Windowsxp install

this can almost be a stupid question but i am very new to Root and looking for some direction.

I am trying to install the binary download of ROOT but am having trouble in my WinXP, VC++ 6.0 environment. I thought at first that i can just download the files, add the include and lib directories in my VC++ workspace and run a simple Hello World program in the tutorial but instead i get some LNK errors, with unresolved external symbols.

#include "TPaveLabel.h"
void main()

TPaveLabel hello(0.2,0.4,0.8,0.6,"Hello World");


So i am wondering what the install proccess is for windows to use for VC++ and MFC. What i am really trying to do is to integrate ROOT displays with my MFC gui. Much of the documentation seems to be for Linux.

any help would be really appreciated.


Did you set the PATH variable as discribed at the Download page? … GetMaximum

When running from the MSDOS prompt, you must set the following environment variables, eg in your autoexec.bat: (Restart the system if you set these variables for the first time).

set TEMP=c:\temp set HOME=c:\your top directory set TMPDIR=c:\temp set ROOTSYS=c:\root (the directory where you installed Root) set PATH=%PATH%;%ROOTSYS%\bin


thanks for the reply rene.

I have changed the system variables through control panels, since i do not have an autoexec.bat file.
my hello world program builds, but when i try to run the exe file all it does is flash the DOS consol on the screen and closes. there is no error message.
what is interesting is that i am able to run the lines of code in MSDOS, by running root, and typing in the two lines of code.

any ideas on why VisualC++ isnt happy with me?



this is the expected and proper behavior. You start you hello world program, it shows a pave label and immediately exists. If you want to have your program witing until you klick something you might want to create a new TCanvas, and use TPad::WaitPrimitive().

I believe there was a posting on this forum by Bertrand on how to embed ROOT in MFC.

Cheers, Axel.