Windows10 ROOT cout<<"***"<<endl;

I find my root "cout<<“abc”<<endl” statement suddenly stopped working.
It can show “abc” once subsequently stuck later.

I reinstall ROOT and the problem still exit.

ROOT Version: root_v6.20.06
Platform: Windows10
Compiler: Not Provided

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It’s a known issue. Please use cout<<"abc\n" instead of cout<<"abc"<<endl

(just to clarify, note that this is a Windows-only problem)

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Thank you!
But the weird thing is that I use “cout<<“abc”<<endl;” for a long time. But it can’t work today suddenly and
no signs of that .

Did you update Visual Studio?

I haven’t do that, and there is nothing to give me tips for that.

OK, so if nothing changed then it’s a mystery…

I install a new version ROOT, and It work now. Thank you again

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