Windows install: Specific dependencies within Visual Studio 2019

Hi there

So I have ROOT 6.24/00 up and running on my work Windows 10 machine, with VS 2019, and everything runs smoothly. Due to the intense security measures surrounding my work this is the only option I have available, but this works fine for me at present.

My query is this: I soon hope to use ROOT on an even more secure system (similar to current, so Windows 10, would aim to also have 6.24/00 for ease) where it MAY not be possible even to fully install any IDEs i.e. having VS2019 installed MAY not be possible, so before I open a can of worms I’d just like to check if it is only possible to install ROOT on Windows 10 with the full VS installed or if in reality the dependencies are only for part of the VS installation which I may be able to get on the more secure system without even encountering the no IDE rule?

All the writing can be done elsewhere, all that I’d need is for ROOT to install and run.


ROOT Version: 6.24/00
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Windows Visual Studio 2019

You need the full c++ development environment and Windows 10 SDK (nothing to do with the IDE). Maybe only the header files, runtime DLLs and registry entries would be sufficient, but since it would be a nightmare to try to install (copy) everything by hand, I’m sure nobody ever tried this.

Thanks for the information, I’ll refer this on to the system owner and we’ll make a forward plan from there. If we manage to get something similar to described up and running I’ll post the setup on here for future reference in the rare event that others might have similar constraints.

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