Windows 10: how to find .rootrc and set macro search path

ROOT Version: 6
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Not Provided

I have installed Visual studio, Python and the latest root binary on my windows pc. A vanilla, out of the box installation. Root launches just fine, but where do I look for my .rootrc file, and how do I set the Linux equivalent of environment variables to change the default search path for macro? I can do on Linux, but it seems the installation documentation assumes I know where to look on Windows. NOT!

Is there a good handholding tutorial for someone with some root experience from MacOS and Linux who is a newb on Windows?


Welcome to the ROOT forum!
As on Linux, you can have a .rootrc file in the current (working) directory, or in your %USERPROFILE% (Linux ${HOME} equivalent). and for the macro, ROOT looks in the current directory, in $(ROOTSYS)/macrosand any PATH specified in .rootrc, as show below:

WinNT.*.Root.MacroPath:     .;$(ROOTSYS)/macros