Win32 support for multiple monitors?

I am using root 5.34/1 on windows 7.

Is there a way for TGPopupMenu’s to show up on the same physical monitor as the TGMenuBar that it belongs to? My group runs w/ 2 and 4 monitor systems and popup menus always appear on the same monitor (the one with the taskbar)

If this is something that the development team cannot get to, can somebody provide me with a hint of how to go about changing this behavior? Thanks!!


Hi Ed,

This is on my to-do list since quite a while, and even in my program of work for this year, but has been postponed due to the most important work to bring up the ROOT 6 release. But I hope this will come sometime this year…
And this require some changes in GDK, so not really easy to implement

Cheers, Bertrand.