Win 32 nmake and vs2008 solution included [v11]

Hi everyone.
Compilation is done only with plain nmake makefiles.
V4: Better build processes. I also added some library makefiles but they do not work for now. I’m working on fixing this. Help is apriciated :smiley:.
V5: vs2008 project files are included.
V6: Release and Debug targets work.
Thought you can use this package for any other system as well. Note that I modified the iosenum.cxx and mkincld.c files. They use command line arguments for their output dirs now.
V7: Compiles std_dll,stdstrct libs and creates Apiif.cxx and Apiif.h (the vs2008 solution is not updated to do that).
V8: vs2008 solution updated, vs2008 builds dll_stl now. Logs ar written to the project dirs (If something went wrong, take a look at them).
V9: fixed nmake files I broke them in V8
V10: nmake compiles cint and cint7.
V11: Only minor changes within the makefiles

Build nmake files with make.bat within the extracted source root directory.
To change the coreversion, change the file within the source root dir.

Download the v11 zip extract it and open vs2008/vs2008.sln then click on “Build Solution”.

The iosenum error is fixed, iosenum.h, apiif.cxx and apiif.h are now created automaticly.

I also uploaded the actual diff.

Download it here:

Greets Louis[ul][/ul]

Hi Louis,

as I mentioned to you already in an email: thanks a lot for your contribution! I will incorporate it in CINT when I’m back from vacation (maybe Philippe finds the time to do it before). A diff that shows your fix of the “little bug” would be most welcome for that.

Cheers, Axel.

Ok, I uploaded the patch. You can find it here:


I uploaded the part of the patch concerning cint/src. I did not take the part of the patch concerning cint/include. Those files generated via cint/include/mkincld.c and if you had to make any hand modification, you ought to modify mkincld.c (the file are in svn since (for now) they are not generated in the context of ROOT.


Could you set this topic sticky?

Thanks Louis

Ok, but why :slight_smile: ?


New version is out. V7 compiles the additional stl libs and stdstrct (others will follow) with nmake. V8 will have the updated vs2008 project files.

No, I’m not dead. I just installed windows 7, which feels like reincarnation.
Updating to v11 within the next week.

I downloaded v11, unpacked and renamed cint-svn to CINT.
Then I opened “C:\CINT\build\vs2008_cint\vs2008.sln”

There seem to be some problem with the paths - it cannot build and it cannot open source files in the solution explorer with error wrong path.

Any updated prebuilt CINT environments for Win32/64 ?