WildCard in TFile


This is probably something simple, but I am having an issue opening up a TFile with a wildcard in the name.

TFile* f2 = new TFile(Form("%s/user.bweinertGLOBAL/00000%iroot*",pathName.Data(),i),“read”);f2->cd();

Is there a way to get it to use the wildcard instead of taking it as a literal asterisk? I can open this open in command line, but when I try to open the TFile in a macro it says:

Error in TFile::TFile: file /afs/cern.ch/work/b/bweinert/public/Aging/Run214758/user.bweinertGLOBAL/000001root* does not exist

I have tried * as well.


Hi bweinert,

I am interested in this as well. Were you able to figure this out in the end?



Rename your files. :mrgreen: