Why the electron velocity drops down as the electric field raises?

how to understard the content in the figure below:

why the electron velocity drop down in a range of electric field?

Hi @newconcept1979,

Could you please provide more information on what you are trying to do? You only gave us a figure (but we are lacking any context). After that, @hschindl should be able to help.



I’m afraid I don’t have an intuitive explanation, but Ar/CH4 is indeed one of the mixtures for which the electron drift velocity as function of electric field exhibits a maximum, see e. g.

thanks, maybe the results are right, but it is difficult to explain it from the perspective of physical mechanism.

The high drift velocity at low electric field has to do with the dip in the elastic cross-section of electrons in Argon (see the attached plot or Fig. 4.3 in the book chapter I linked to). Adding CH4, which unlike Argon has inelastic cross-section terms at low energies, helps to keep the electron energy distribution close to this region…


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