Why is DAVIX enabled by default in ROOT 6.14.04?

Hello, I try to install root 6.14/04 by compiling it. I discovered that DAVIX is enabled by default on this version. I think this was not the case for previous releases. The problem is, as for tbb, some files related to DAVIX try to be downloaded from the Internet. This is still an issue for offline computers and I still continue to think that no content from the internet should be downloaded. I manage to compile ROOT 6.14/04 using -Ddavix=OFF.

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Thanks for your comment. Davix is key functionality for today’s ROOT: we need to be able to access files through http. You can install your distro’s davix client if you prefer, or as you suggested disable davix.

What we could probably improve is the error message when the download failed, including a suggestion to turn davix off in CMake?

Thank you for the explanation.

Yes, any further and clearer explanation is more than welcome. Now I am aware of such “error” but the first time it occured, I lost a bit of time until I understand where did the problem come from. At least, such message may include the option that creates the download error and a way to bypass (or solve) this error.

Just for the record, we already have ROOT-9163 in JIRA to tackle the problem of building without a network connection. Another related issue is ROOT-9385.

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