Why histogram not displayed automatically

Hi guy,

I ran a data collection program and the output I have a histogram with ROOT. I can save the histogram and open it. But the histogram is not displayed automatically. Any ideas why or how to solve this?


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It’s hard to figure out from the context given what is really happening. Allow me a follow up question…
Are you drawing the histogram? How?


Hi Danilo,
This is my working display

Even when running at 100%, the still does not appear automatically, I’m afraid it’s my computer

So you are running linux on Windows (WSL)? Check this, maybe it helps:

Oh Thank dastudillo, I did it but it was like adding another virtual machine. Sorry, but can you explain more clearly to me? I’m just a student

In which OS are you running ROOT? and how are you running it, exactly?

Dear dastudillo,
I turned on the X server before with the command startxfce4 and the histogram appeared, Is this the right way?

How are you running linux (and what linux distro)? Is this a virtual machine on Windows (Vmware? virtualbox? other?), or WSL?
If it’s a virtual machine, you should not need an Xserver on Windows --of course, your linux distro should have its own desktop environment (like XFCE) if you want graphics like this, but this is independent of Windows.
If it’s WSL, I don’t know if it’s a very good idea to run xfce or any desktop environment like that; I’d just run the terminal and the Xserver on Windows for the ROOT graphical stuff. For a full graphical environment, I think a virtual machine is perhaps a better option (other than dual booting to a “real” linux :slight_smile:). But again, this is just me; if it works for you, and you are happy with it, why not :wink:

this my linux distro and WSL :smiling_face_with_tear:

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