Why h2root is not made though CERNLIB is defined?


I’ve compiled/installed “Root” before in the same machine (SL5) a few times. By defining CERNLIB to my /usr/local/cern/pro/lib which contains
libkernlib.a, libpacklib.a etc., I WAS able to make h2root.

But in this version 5.32.00, I’ve defined CERNLIB to the same place, but h2root is NOT made (whereas all other stuff root.exe etc. are all made). Why ?

What can I do ??


CERNLIB is NOT required for h2root at all (unless you use an ancient ROOT version).
Maybe you do not have the fortran compiled installed?

You meant “fortran compiler” ?? There is certainly is, namely, f77, and I compile fortran from time to time.

h2root was made when I built the previous versions of Root such as 5.18 etc.

Any more ideas ?


make showbuild | grep F77
root-config --f77

[quote=“Pepe Le Pew”]Try:
make showbuild | grep F77
root-config --f77[/quote]

You’re right. After I replied last time (a couple hours ago), I “configure” again and went to
check (after reading your email). Indeed, it’s looking for “gfortran” (not f77).

So, after installing “gfortran”, h2root/g2root are made !

Thanks !

On SL5, I think it needs “gfortran” or “g77” (not “f77”).
You can also “enforce” the fortran compiler, e.g.:
./configure --with-f77=g77