Where is the package "ROOT" in python2.7

Hi all,
There are some codes shows here:

import ROOT
driver = ROOT.EL.PrunDriver()

I want to know how the function is defined in ROOT. But I could not found ROOT package in python2.7?
“ROOT” is in the software root path, right? Does it depend on the version of root?

Thank you very much!

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ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: Lxplus
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi @11111 ,
the ROOT python module comes with most installations of ROOT, including all installations on LXPLUS.

The EL submodule, instead, is not part of ROOT.

What happens is that if you load some C++ library into Python via ROOT, the C++ library components appear under the ROOT Python module. So ROOT.EL probably comes from a custom library that was loaded through ROOT, you should ask the author/provider of the code where that comes from.


Hi Enrico,
Thank you very much for your detailed interpretation!


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