Where is root installed?

In attempt to install root on linux, I installed ubuntu 10.4, there was an ubuntu package available


after I installed it its working fine and running basic c++ scripts from prompt: I am wondering

  1. Where did root get installed ?
  2. Where should I save my .C macros(I mean where is the standard macros folder)
  3. Do I have to setup environment variables ?

Please help me understand this.

Ubuntu 10.04 provides a rather ancient version of ROOT 5.18.00.
There is a small problem in its “automatic” configuration - one additionally needs to set (e.g in one’s “${HOME}/.bashrc” file):

On the web page that you showed, you can click any package name and then in the bottom of the new page you can find a link called “[list of files]” - if you click it, you will get the details of the installed files.

You can safely use the default Ubuntu’s ROOT version (5.18.00), if it is sufficient for you.

You could also try to move to a more recent version of ROOT (e.g. the current v5-28-00-patches or v5-30-00-patches branch).
In this case, you will need to “completely remove” all Ubuntu’s ROOT related packages and then compile the new version yourself, I’m afraid.
On the other hand, maybe someone here can provide you with new binary/development packages.

Thank You for replying. I went ahead and installed 11.04 ubuntu with 5.30 root. Its working fine. Thanks.