Where is my $ROOTSYS?

Dear Experts,

I installed root on an ubuntu9.04 system with the most simple

sudo apt-get install root-system

and all was well. However, the executables etc. are not all installed in one place, I want to use various Makefiles which require a set an envirionment variable to the ‘root’ directory where one would normally have set the prefix when installing (i.e. $ROOTSYS).

Is there an equivalent for this kind of install, or is a way of setting the prefix directory when installing with apt-get install, in ubuntu?



apt does not have the ability to ‘relocate’ the installation and the provider of the root packaging for ubuntu have not provided any alternative either.

However building and install your own version of ROOT building with the ROOTSYS technique is really straight forward. See root.cern.ch/drupal/content/inst … oot-source
and give it a try :slight_smile: