When will we have binary and conda distributions for releases > 6.20.04?


I’d like to know when it would be possible to have a binary distributions for releases > 6.20.04
or an updated version available in conda
(here also the latest version reads 6.20.04).

I implemented a feature that is included in 6.21.02 and would like to use it, honestly these two methods of installation are way easy than the classical build. Also I am using my patch in a code shared with other developers and do not want to force them to build manually a version > 6.21.02.

Also - out of curiosity - why three different tags were made on the same day (9 days ago)?

Sorry to inquire and Best Regards,


Hi Cosimo,
ROOT v6.20/06 and v6.22/00 will be released very soon (i.e. within the next 2-3 weeks). Binary distributions will be available upon release, and conda packages soon after.

v6.22-00-rc1 tags the first release candidate for 6.22, but we are in fact still adding bugfixes. v6-23-01 tags the start of the new development branch, which is simply a continuation of master and will contain feature that will end up in the release after v6-22. I am actually not sure about v6-21-02 :sweat_smile:


Hi @eguiraud ,

thanks a lot, it does not have to be necessarily 6.21.02, just one after 6.20.04 that includes my fix.
Thanks for the prompt clarification.


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