What's the difference between installing ROOT via brew and official?

Dear all,

Hello everyone, I’m new in HEP. Recently I was installing ROOT on my new laptop, MacOS. Not a big question, but I am curious about “What’s the difference between installing ROOT via brew and official?”

The reason is:

  1. When I use brew install in my terminal, like “brew install root”, it only takes a few seconds, and it seems to work fine.
  2. However, when using official download (download root file and then cmake …; cmake --build), it takes a long time.

Seems like there must be some different, otherwise there should not be such a big difference in installing time.

Also, I was wondering how everyone install their ROOT on mac, which way is recommended?


The difference is that when you download && compile, you actually have to compile all the program code, and what you get is the “official” root.

If you install from brew, you are downloading pre-compiled libraries, which volunteers put into homebrew. The compilation step in this case happens before the stuff goes into homebrew.

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