What will Sensor::GetSignal() give if multiple wires have same label

Hi, I was trying to use AvalancheMC to simulate signal on a sense wire, I set up 9 cells with 9 sense wires, and add them to Sensor with the same label “sense”.

Sensor::Addwire(some properties, "sense")
Sensor:Addwire(some properties, "field")

When I tried to get signal after simulation I got no signal. I wonder which wire’s signal I will get if I use


And then I changed label to only use center sense wire like

Sensor::Addwire(some properties, "center_sense")
Sensor::Addwire(some properties, "sense")
Sensor:Addwire(some properties, "field")

but I still got no signal. Where I did wrong?

If you use the same label for multiple wires you will get the sum of the signals on these wires.

Can you provide more information (minimal working example)?

xt_simulation.zip (37.5 KB)
Here you go, I didn’t convolute signal but maybe it doesn’t matter…

I just noticed I set the time window quite narrow, so I tried to widen it to 1000 ns but still got no signal.

Just another thing I forgot to mention…
when simulating avalanche the output keep giving like

AvalancheMC::DriftLine: (-0.000965, -0.000795, -0.749725) is not in a valid drift region.

of generated electrons, and seems that these avalanched electrons are inside anode wire, which I don’t understand.

Thanks for the additional information and thanks also for sending your code but I was hoping for a minimal example, not your full program/framework “as is” (which makes it much harder for me to debug). I can still try to take a look but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to do that…

Sorry for this! I just noticed I somehow miss the wire ID so I actually didn’t set the wire to Sensor::AddReadout().
Such a dumb mistake, thank you anyway!

No worries. Great that you managed to fix the issue!

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