What will get in the "cut=cut_s.data()"?

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what will get in the “cut=cut_s.data()”?

class detector
detector(string name,double min,double max);  
TCut cut;
double upper;
double lower;
detector::detector(string name,double min,double max):lower(min),upper(max)     
string cut_s=name+Form(">%f",lower)+"&&"+name+Form("<%f",upper);          //Form?
cut=cut_s.data();             //?

Hi @meixue,
sorry for the late reply. data() just returns the contents of a string as an array of characters, i.e. as const char *. It’s not ROOT related, see e.g. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/string/basic_string/data


you can just print cut to screen to see what’s inside the string

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