What property should I set to dielectric.dat in ComponentElmer

Dear experts

I calculated an field map by ElmerSolver and want to import it into Garfield++. I noticed that I need to write the relative permittivities to the dielectric.dat but I don’t know if I should write for “body” or “material”.
e.g.: I have 9 wires with 1 sense wire (tungsten) and 8 field wire (Al) and gas (medium body)
Should I write 10 lines for 1 sense wire line, 8 field wire lines and 1 gas line
Or: 3 lines for 1 Tungsten line, 1 Al line and 1 gas line?

@jrenner could you advise?

The lines should match the ElmerSolver “body” numbers. For further description, see section 2.4 of the note on the Garfield++ website which can be found by starting from the Garfield++ homepage, clicking “Examples” (under “Getting started”) → “Elmer and Gmsh” (under “Electric fields”) → “note”

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