What is the minimal installation of ROOT on MacOS pour execution only?

i have developed a program using ROOT on MacOS and i would like now to distribute the binary program in the simplest way to colleagues having the same version MacOS 10.13.6. They only need to execute the program, not to compile it.
What is the simplest way to do so please?

  1. Compilation of Root sources and my program with -static option can work?
  2. installing the binary package pkg of Root? and giving also the binary of my program to them ?
  3. On my computer, i construct a package from the root librairies and my program binary and send to them?

I didn’t succeed with 1) neither 2), 3). If there is such a possibility, where i can find the instructions please?

The only way i succeeded is installing Root with brew, but this is very very long and may be not necessary for my purpose?

Best wishes,
Frédéric Faure.

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ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: MacOS 10.13.6
Compiler: Not Provided


I am not aware that we have any instructions on how to create a bundle in the way you describe. You could try to start with the tarball of the ROOT binary releases and add your application. Perhaps @Axel or @oshadura have a better idea?


The easiest is to tar up your files, together with ROOT, and then ask your colleagues to untar that file, and in a shell set up whatever-ROOT-is/bin/thisroot.sh. You could create a little startup script that checks for its own directory, and determines where thisroot.sh is, sources it, and then starts your program.

Cheers, Axel.

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