What is the meaning of Sensor

Hi experts,

I read the doxygen and tutorial of Garfield++, but I just didn’t get understand what is the “Sensor” class and what I need to used it.
I mean, I setup the gas and geometry and the E field (i.e. use Magbolrz and GeometrySimple and ComponentAnalyticField), and only get drift time/drift distance information. Then what is the Sensor for if I don’t need to get signal information?

@hschindl that’s for you :slight_smile:

It’s kind of an interface class. DriftLineRKF and other classes for charge transport retrieve the electric field, weighting field, and material properties through a Sensor object. One reason for this extra layer is that you might want to use different techniques (= different Component objects) for computing the electric field, magnetic field, and weighting field.

So, if I set the Sensor area smaller than the Geometry region, only the sensor region will be simulated?

Yes, correct.

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