What is the best way to plot an oscilloscope trace in ROOT?

I have a TNTuple with data points representing the dips and peaks of an oscilloscope trace (data collected at the Nyquist rate for the signal). I’d like to “recreate” the data, plotting voltage vs time in ROOT. What would be the best way to do this? I assume a TGraph would be the best tool to use here. Is there a something similar to Draw(), but for TGraphs as opposed to THistograms? I’ve looked (and, rest assured, still am!) around the ROOT docs. What is the best approach?

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You didn’t find TGraph->Draw()? It also gives a link to the draw options.

Yes, sorry, just found that (somehow I skipped right over it!).

Well, these things happen. :slight_smile:

Use Ctrl + F, <function name><space>( to directly jump to the function documentation.

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