What is it "?Open@TFile@@SAPAV1@...." could not b

Dear Rooters,

I have a code working under the Linux and Windows with ROOT GUI. When the ROOT 5.16 was installed and code was retranslated it continue to work under the Linux, but on Windows I get the next message

The procedure entry point ?Open@TFile@@SAPAV1@PBD00HH@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library libCore.dll.

If I back to the ROOT 5.14 then code is translated and works under the Windows. On the linux computer ROOT was translated from the source. On the Windows computer the binary version was downloaded.

What does this message mean and what can be done?

Thanks in advance,

This means that you need to link against the (new) library libRIO.


Obviously, if libRIO is not included in the list of linked libraries then the executable code can not be created in case of ROOT 5.16 using. The described error arise when code is started. I wrote that the code was retranslated. It means that it was linked and it was linked with libRIO library.
Sorry, it does not explain the problem,

Humm strange. Did you make sure that at run time it is picking up the new library (as opposed to the old ones)[This would happen if the old version is still on the ‘path’).


Thanks. Your suggestion gave me an idea. The main code uses a number of my dll libraries that are common for the different projects. And I found that one of them was translated without libRIO or, probably, it was not retranslated. Now it works.

Sincerely Yours,