What happened to TPythia6:Pytune()?


I used to run PYTHIA6 within ROOT, selecting my preferred tune via:
TPythia6* pythia = new TPythia6();

This doesn’t work anymore.
Both the include and source file have this useful function commented out:

  • /usr/local/root_v5.34.30_pythia6_pythia8/montecarlo/pythia6/inc/TPythia6.h:
    //void Pytune(int itune); // not (anymore) in libPythia6

  • /usr/local/root_v5.34.30_pythia6_pythia8/montecarlo/pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx
    // not (anymore) in libPythia6
    //void TPythia6::Pytune(int itune) {
    // //interface with fortran routine pytune
    // pytune(&itune);

Why did you remove this useful function from libPythia6 ?


David d’Enterria (CERN)

Hi David,
I have no idea. It was done 5 years ago. Perhaps for a given version of pythia6 the function didn’t exists. I have checked and for latest version 429 the function seems to be there. Can you please and uncomment and check if it is OK.

Hi Pere,

I uncommented and recompiled. It works OK. I’d recommend to have this useful function uncommented in the default ROOT code.

Thanks, David

Hi David. I’ll do it.

thanks Pere.

PS: pity that it didn’t make it into ROOT 5.34/34, which you just released … I’m testing PY8 and PY6 with this latest release right now …

Sorry. I tagged the version on Friday and only announced today (still we have some manual action in the release procedure). So it was too late. Another one in a few weeks :slight_smile: